WPit18 Is An Unbeatable Online Platform

A Professional Guide for Wpit18

Wpit18 is one of the most popular competitions in the world organized by the Philippines People. They register themselves for the events of WPC 2027 to enjoy and watch rooster fight competition. It is pertinent to mention here the abbreviation of WPC, which stands for “World Pitmasters Cup” and it is the most important and major event of Wpit18. Despite of Animal Rights, it is still legal in the Philippines and it became a trendy search over the internet these days. But, there are some strict rules and regulations that need to be followed before you get register yourself for this contest.

Where there is a Filipino, there is always a lover of “chicken battle”. This World Pitmasters Cup (WPC) is a very special event where the participants register their birds for a rooster fight. Wpit18 is an online platform where you can get every single detail and registration form to participate in this event.


How Wpit18 Works for WPC (2021, 2022, 2023, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2029)

To make your event memorable, there is some important information for this event:

  1. You have to register yourself with your complete details here: wpc2029.live
  2. Once you get enrolled for game, your date and time will be scheduled to enjoy the event.
  3. A physical crowd and online participants can watch and enjoy Wpit18 event.

Moreover, Wpit18 is fully responsible and liable to make this event completely safe and protected.

Is it Legal or Safe?

As we discussed, it is completely legal and licensed by PAGCOR, bmm test labs, and e-Abong.