All You Need to Know About Plastic Shredders

Throughout life, we must deal with different polymers. They have been used for the past few decades for the manufacture of a wide variety of products, from plastic containers to parts for space construction. In just one year, about 180 million tons of plastic for various purposes are produced on the planet.

A significant part of them is occupied by polymers that do not decompose and are unable to dispose of themselves. All this cannot but affect the ecological situation and often leads to ecological disasters. But the processing of polymers is not such a technologically difficult task. Moreover, on their basis, you can make useful things. Recycled plastic is virtually indistinguishable from virgin polymer and has almost the same performance characteristics.

Types of crushers

The whole variety of plastic recycling devices can be represented in the form of several groups according to the purpose and design of the main working elements.

Depending on the device and application, plastic waste crushers are of the following types:

Crushers-shredders of plastic of great thickness and strength, reminiscent of body-type elements and window profiles in execution.
Waste shredders of small thickness, designed for the processing of bottles and other items, in the design of which cascade-type shredders act as the main working unit.
Cutters for plastic film waste, which work on the same principle as conventional scissors.

With a more thorough study of a plastic shredder, among their many options, plastic shredders can be distinguished, and designed to process certain types of polymer waste:

Impact crushers for plastics. It is this type of shredder that ismost often used for recycling plastic waste. Available in two versions – high-speed for grinding fragile products and low-speed, designed for the disposal of durable plastic products.
Crushers equipped with a roller material feed mechanism.
Cone devices in which the process of utilization of raw materials occurs by passing it between two cones.
Hammer devices. Designed for the processing of hard plastics. All the work in them is performed by hinged hammers.
Cheek aggregates. Waste is disposed of by exerting pressure on the raw material with corrugated steel plates.

Scope of application

The main users of plastic shredders are:

Organizations engaged in the manufacture of polymer products.
Companies whose activities include the collection and subsequent disposal of secondary raw materials.
Manufacturing enterprises engaged in the production of plastic items for various purposes.

As a result of the processing of defective products, as well as other types of industrial plastic waste, a continuous supply of recycled plastic is ensured, from which new goods with the necessary consumer properties can be made. The process of reusing defective products and recyclable materials allows manufacturing enterprises to save considerable amounts of money on the manufacture of plastic products. This reduces the cost of finished products.

Organizations involved in the processing of used plastic products cooperate directly with companies that are direct manufacturers of polymer products. Therefore, the sale of recycled plastics can bring a very significant profit to the enterprise.

The principle of operation of crushers for plastic

Secondary plastic raw materials, which are most often presented in the form of bottles and film fragments, have a heterogeneous composition, which requires the use of various processing methods in relation to it. After all, these wastes can have different strength characteristics, viscosity, and brittleness.

Even though it is not difficult to cut film waste, it is almost impossible to crush it using impact crushers. Particularly laborious in this regard is ABS plastic, which has high rates of thickness and strength, and can only be crushed by sawing or impact.

To select the most suitable recycling method for recycled plastic, it is necessary to consider its thickness. It is for this reason that each grinding apparatus must be designed in such a way as to process a certain type of secondary raw materials most efficiently and quickly.

  1. Summing up

Considering the huge number of polymer products used by mankind, it is not surprising that in recent years interest has grown in such devices as plastic shredders. The main purpose of this device is to recycle plastic waste, which can later be reused to make new things that, in terms of their performance, will practically not differ from the original ones.

By Zain Liaquat

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