Causes and Treatments of Constipation

Causes and Treatments of Constipation

Constipation is a common disease that affects at least 30% of the world’s population. Causes It has many causes and thus, may require many different treatments.

Constipation is a trouble that causes painful defecation.

It results of a deregulation of Bowel movements that are difficult to pass. Constipation is also known as dyssynergic defecation; or costiveness. It is not really a disease, but a symptom of a common or important trouble which should be detected before any medication. Severe constipations cases can lead to obstipation and fecal impaction.

The causes of dyssynergic defecation vary from one person to another. We can have primary, congenital, and secondary causes. Elderly people that are affected by constipation trouble may suffer from an inadequate fluid intake, a decreased physical activity and insufficient dietary fiber intake. Some medications side effects and a colorectal cancer can also lead to costiveness troubles. Primary causes have noticeable symptoms that can appear, without causing abdominal pain.

Psychological causes have also found:

Voluntary withholding of the stool for example, is knowing as a common factor which leads to dyssynergic defecation. Chronic costiveness appear three days per month and are associat with irritable bowel syndrome, (also known as IBS), especially when no cause is funding. Other symptoms may include feelings of incomplete evacuation; sensations of rectal obstruction and straining that are accompani more than one-fourth of defecations.

The diagnosis is making with the patient’s description of his symptoms. A physical examination and abdomen palpation is sometimes requir. Other physicians may suggest a rectal examination with a colonoscope. When Bowel obstruction is suspect, X-rays of the abdomen are the only screening way to decide whether one is constipat or not. But whatever screening is under taking, it matters most to consider constipation not as the disease, but as a symptom, and try to treat the cause.

Constipation is not so easy to treat.

However, it can prevented with appropriate hygienic habits. One usually needs to maintain adequate exercises, fluid intakes and eat fibers. Children who usually suffer from constipation should have scheduled toilet breaks on the mornings and minutes after a meal. Drink water, eat fibers and benefit from other dietary supplements. There are other ways to treat constipation.

People used to taking laxatives, but this could be damaging in a long-run. Moreover, you should prefer oxmotive laxatives to stimulant ones which are not so efficient. Costiveness that resist to these treatments require a chirurgical or physical intervention. A manual disimpaction is usually under taking.

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