Custom Advertising Packaging – What No One Is Talking About

Custom Advertising Packaging - What No One Is Talking About

Have you noticed that the custom advertising packaging that you use is not being noticed by customers? If so, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind to create packaging that will grab the attention of your customers. You can also use custom packaging to answer your customers’ questions, highlight your unique selling points, and make a conscious effort to support an eco-friendly or cruelty-free company.

Unboxing videos

While unboxing videos are a great marketing tool, it can also backfire if you don’t create a good one. After all, nobody likes to see boring packaging, right? Make sure your packaging is visually appealing and matches your brand identity, and you’ll have an easy time getting the attention of viewers. Here are some tips to create an effective unboxing video. Continue reading to learn more about the process of creating a compelling video. Using wordmarks for your custom advertising packaging is a great way to establish brand recognition.

Organizing space is essential, and it’s difficult to shoot a video in a cramped room. Fortunately, there are DIY lighting options for an unboxing video. Use LED lights on a camera or a light stand to set up the scene. Another way to get the best angles is to make a test run with the product you plan to highlight. If you’re working from home, organizing the space may be difficult, but using a co-working space will make it possible to film at the same time.


One way to grow your brand is to put your logo on custom advertising packaging. Consumer brands are particularly important for packaging because it reaches 100% of potential customers. You can leverage this medium to promote your company’s mission, product origin, and brand values. For example, you could put your logo on the packaging of your new scented candles to increase brand awareness. In addition, your custom packaging can increase sales and generate more profits. But there are a few things you need to know about these custom packaging designs.

Custom Advertising Packaging - What No One Is Talking About

A great logo is an easy way to engage customers and increase brand recognition. Customers are often confused when buying products, and a well-designed logo helps them remember the company behind the product. Furthermore, a good logo will help you maintain brand recognition. Many consumers form an opinion of a product within seven seconds of seeing it, so it is essential to make the brand look appealing and prominent. The quality of a product is often a key factor in attracting customers.


Wordmarks are a unique way to display your full company or organization’s name and cultivate clear brand recognition. Whether your company is a startup, nonprofit, or large corporation, a wordmark can be a powerful tool for cultivating brand recognition. A wordmark is especially important for companies with long names or acronyms, as using the full name in your primary logo would be confusing and potentially misleading.

When using wordmarks on your custom advertising packaging, choose a font that is legible and unique. The first letter should be memorable and serve as your brand avatar. To test your wordmarks and fonts, you can use online tools such as Packhelp’s logo maker and to see how your wordmark looks on different printing materials. Once you’ve chosen the font, it’s time to create a wordmark.


When choosing a color for your custom advertising packaging, keep in mind that different hues convey different feelings. Often, we perceive a certain feeling when we see a specific color, but the psychology behind our reaction to color can also be very important. Bright colors, for instance, can reduce the seriousness of your brand, while darker hues, such as black, can add sophistication to your packaging. In contrast, red can attract the attention of a potential customer.

When selecting colors for your packaging, remember that some colors represent different things in different cultures. Using red on your shampoo bottle gives the consumer a sense of the composition, while a black bottle of hair spray will make a man think about the composition of his product. Choosing colors that represent your brand’s personality is important for successful advertising. However, you must remember that product packaging is more important than color. Colors used to brand a product can be aspirational, or they can convey a sense of health or wellness.

Style inspiration

There are many resources available to help you find style inspiration for custom advertising packaging. While there is no one formula for creative packaging design, the following websites can give you some ideas. Core77, for example, focuses on industrial and product design. The design of packaging for clothing and accessories is a great example of this style. Core77 also features tutorials for packaging design. The design of clothing and accessories is a great example of style inspiration.

Creating a “WOW!” moment

Custom advertising packaging is a powerful tool for promoting a business. In addition to driving sales, it can improve customer loyalty and retention. Studies show that consumers are more loyal to brands that share their values and priorities. This can be achieved by designing the packaging to create a “WOW!” moment for the customer. If you’re wondering how to create a “WOW!” moment for your brand, consider these tips.

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