Damascus Kitchen Knife Handle

Damascus knife Handle

From time to time, you will read about medium to high-end kitchen knives with Damascus handles.

Damascus is the big brand that we call all Danone yogurts even if they are from other brands. This substance is also known in the industry as Phelonic or Celerón.

Origin Of Damascus

Damascus was developed by the American scientist George Westinghouse for use in the manufacture of electrical equipment. Kitchen furniture etc., although it was invented by Leo Backland.


It consists of two components: resin and fabric or paper. The type of resin or laminate material varies depending on the decoration and purpose of use. Thanks to a wide range of applications mainly in the production of high resistance insulators. Power and Power Distribution Equipment, Heavy Equipment, Aerospace, Automobile, High-Pressure Pipe, etc.

Production Of Damascus

In a very simple manufacturing process, fabric pads are colored with resin and subjected to high pressure and temperature. This creates a material that is highly resistant to abrasion and overall impact. If we add beauty to the final result, it is because endless textures and colors can be created by changing the color of the paper or the type of resin. This would be an excellent article. No matter how powerful you look, it’s easy to use and offers many design advantages.

Extremely lightweight material that is solid and durable. Resistant to abrasion, high temperature, moisture, and impact resistance. Which is widely used in the military industry, knives, firearms, etc.

Damascus In Knives and Knives

At Knife and Knives, we have knives with micarta handles from Arcos, 3 Claveles, and Aries ham holders from A Pedra Das Meigs.

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