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White Strains

Ever since the cultivation of cannabis was made legal in various states in the US, different strains of cannabis have emerged. Each of them is different in terms of their flavor, potency, scent, THC content as well as the effects users experience. One of these strains is the White cannabis strain. Famed for its potency and mild flavors, this strain is a favorite of users who are not fans of strong scents or flavors.

While the White strain does not have strong scents, it is very potent. So, on the other hand, it is a favorite for seasoned cannabis users looking for a strong hit. The White strain’s lineage has been kept secret hence its popular name the ‘Triangle’ resulting from speculation about where the white strain originated.

Here in this post, we are going to discuss in detail what the white strain is, its origin, its benefits as well as its effects. Let’s begin.

Understanding the White strain

The White strain is also sometimes referred to as the Triangle, a name associated with Florida’s marijuana cultivation cities—Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami. Many people speculate the lineage of the White strain comes from the OG Kush strain because of the two strains’ similar attributes. The lack of flavor in the White cannabis strain makes other people think otherwise although both strains are highly potent.

The White strain is an indica-sativa hybrid with indica being the most dominant at 85%. If you’re looking for the best product, the white strain from Cannaflower is one of the most popular on the market with users reporting uplifting effects accompanied by drowsiness which is kind of soothing. These therapeutic effects are extremely beneficial for those taking the strain for medicinal purposes.

The white strain effects

The white cannabis strain is one of the most potent cannabis strains available with lab tests indicating that the strain has a THC level ranging from 25-30%. The strain is also strong to the extent that even experienced users are often advised to use the herb in moderation lest they risk feeling headaches, dizziness, or anxiety.

The White strain’s effects are felt quickly after use and the initial effects make you feel uplifted and happy. If you were feeling stressed, the stress will slowly ease away, and soon after you will feel completely relaxed and a bit drowsy.

White strain benefits

If you are having sleeping difficulties or insomnia, this herb can be of great help. Those struggling with a loss of appetite can also find this strain extremely beneficial as it induces food cravings. Those who have lost their appetite especially after going through chemo sessions can find this strain beneficial.

The White strain can also be taken to offer a reprieve from chronic pain and mood disorders. However, you are advised to speak to your doctor first before switching your prescription for marijuana. The White strain does not have any severe side effects when small doses are taken. A cotton mouth and dry eyes are the main side effects. You can hydrate yourself and use eye drops to alleviate these side effects.

White strain flavor information

What distinguishes this strain from other cannabis strains is its lack of a strong scent or flavor. Even though users say it has a mild scent that is a blend of sweet and fruity, accompanied by an earthy hint. The strain does not have a strong aftertaste, making it perfect for users who dislike strong scents and flavors.


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