Guidance For Selecting Smartphone

Selecting smartphone that is budget friendly as well as meeting your every requirement is a tiring task. In that case, here are some parameters that need be addressed while purchasing your phone.

Main camera

Please note that some phones can shoot at 16 megapixels or more, but the pictures will not be as juicy as, for example, the same iPhone with a resolution of 13 MB. What’s the secret? The answer is simple – the quality of a photo is determined immediately by 4 components.

Optics block

Consists of 1-4 chambers. The main camera allows you to photograph any landscapes and faces. The second camera, as a rule, works together with the first, and is focused on creating clear and colorful portraits (with a background blur effect). The third camera usually performs the function of a wide angle and allows you to shoot landscapes. The fourth camera is designed for macro photography – you can photograph plants, insects, and small details with high clarity.


The higher the resolution indexed in megapixels, the higher the image quality.


The more powerful it is, the better the final image. Neural modules in processors are responsible for image quality and are able to improve images.

Optical stabilization module

This component eliminates the effect of hand-shake, stabilizing the lens of the lens, allowing you to capture clear images even when moving.

Flagship models are equipped with 4 cameras and, as a rule, have an improved matrix, processor, optical stabilization module. Such smartphones allow you to take pictures that are practically not inferior in quality to images obtained using SLR cameras.

Battery capacity

Battery capacity affects the duration of the smartphone. The larger the screen, the more applications the user uses, the faster the battery drains accordingly. It is unlikely that the user will be delighted with all the super functions and bells and whistles if he cannot use them due to the frequent turning off of the phone. Thus, when choosing a smartphone, you should pay special attention to battery capacity.

Three indicators affect the resource of a smartphone: processor power consumption, usage scenario and battery capacity. The new generation of processors demonstrates increased energy efficiency, which ultimately reduces heat generation and increases the intervals between charge / discharge cycles of the battery.


The processor is the heart of the smartphone, which affects the functionality of almost all smartphone systems. The technical characteristics of the processor depend on:

  • duration of operation of the device
  • photo/video quality
  • data transfer rate
  • the speed of the smartphone itself: prompt response to commands, switching on, switching between applications, etc.
  • the degree of heating under conditions of increased load (with prolonged continuous operation, when launching powerful games, long telephone conversations).

An important indicator is the processor series. The functionality and characteristics of the smartphone largely depend on it. We present the marking of the series of one of the manufacturers:

  • The 400 series are simple smartphones designed to perform basic tasks.
  • The 600 series are medium-sized smartphones that are suitable for most users and cope well with the main pool of tasks.
  • The 700 series are medium-sized smartphones that are suitable for most users and cope well with the main pool of tasks.
  • Series 800 – top smartphones with maximum features and capabilities.

In addition to the series, it is worth paying attention to other indicators.

  • Memory bus frequency: The higher this indicator, the better, since it is responsible for the speed of information exchange between RAM and the processor.
  • The thickness of the silicon wafer layer: The best indicator today is 7 nm, it should be taken into account: the lower this indicator, the lower the power consumption and heat dissipation (which, in turn, affects the speed parameters).
  • GPU: This indicator is responsible for games and image quality, so if the smartphone will be used by an avid gamer, special attention should be paid to the choice of graphics processor.
  • Layout and type of kernels: The architecture of the processor is extremely important, since the speed of solving problems, power consumption and rationality of operation depend on it (for example, an 8-core unit can have 2 fast cores and 6 regular ones, in which case super-complex tasks are “given” to powerful cores, and the current tasks are normal).

Color solution

The era when the entire choice of phones was limited to black, blue, red colors is over. Today, manufacturers offer a huge variety of shades and unusual colors that surprise even the most fastidious electronics lovers. For a reasonable approach, honor band 6 price in saudi arabia is a good to go option.

Additional functions

Manufacturers pamper buyers and offer a lot of additional options that simplify and sometimes complicate the operation of a smartphone.

  • Fingerprint phone unlock
  • Face recognition
  • Protection against dust and moisture

Unlocking the phone with a fingerprint and face recognition is no surprise anymore. But powerful protection against dust and moisture is a significant advantage. Not only advertised smartphones have such properties, but also some models from budget lines.

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