Guidance For Selection Of Headphones On Basis Of Their Connection

On the Internet, you can often see the request “recommend good headphones” for music or games. But before choosing a gadget, you need to understand how the headphones generally differ from each other, and which ones are better for certain tasks

Headphones with microphone

How to choose headphones with a microphone if you need them to communicate online? It should be noted that all of the above types of gadgets can be with a built-in microphone. There are 4 ways to mount it on the headset.

  • Built -in – is the worst option that you can think of, because it will catch, in addition to the voice of the owner of the headset, all extraneous noise. The only thing that can induce you to buy headphones with such a microphone is that it is invisible.
  • On the cable – standardly placed in the volume control in the mobile headset. Due to the fact that the wire is constantly shifting, signal distortion is possible, which affects the quality of communication.
  • Fixed mount.The microphone is held on a fixed plastic holder, being at a fixed distance from the mouth. It is worth choosing headphones with a fixed mount if frequent communication on the network is implied. They can be buried, open, semi-open or laid on.
  • Movable mount.This type of headset is the best option for connecting to a computer. You can easily choose the distance of the microphone relative to your mouth: just turn the holder. If the microphone is not needed, it can be raised up, and in some models, detached.


Connection method

Headsets are divided into 2 types according to the connection method: wired and wireless.



This is the most common way to connect a gadget. This connection is the most preferred if you want to get the best sound quality. We highlight that this connection option is less expensive than wireless.

The only negative is that freedom of movement is limited by the length of the cord, although it can be extended with a connecting cable.

Connection to devices occurs through a standard connector (mini jack 3.5 mm) or via USB. There should be 2 plugs (one for a microphone, and the second, green, for an audio signal), if these are ordinary computer headphones.

If your headset has one plug with contacts for the right and left channels, as well as for a microphone, then it is quite suitable for a phone or laptop with a special socket, near which there is a certain marking.

To connect to a PC, you need to take an adapter.


Recommend wireless headphones to those who need to move freely within their home or office. This headset comes with a base station connected to a PC. It is equipped with a radio receiver and transmitter. The headset itself also contains a transmitter and receiver that are powered by batteries. If infrared radiation is used as a transmitting signal, then free movement will be limited to the limits of visibility of the transmitter and receiver.

The main disadvantage of a wireless headset is the fact that it is necessary to periodically charge the batteries, and its weight is significantly greater. Also, the sound quality in such gadgets is worse compared to wired ones; But if you get a chance to buy from soundcore cyber monday deals is a really good to go experience.

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