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Education In Spain

For young people, higher education abroad has become the first step towards a more prosperous life, which is why the number of Pakistani, Indian, and Bangladeshi students in European universities is increasing every year. Higher education in Spain is provided to foreigners in fair and understandable conditions, so this option should be considered for a European degree.

The study here is conducted in both Spanish and English, so the basic requirement for foreign applicants is the presence of an appropriate language certificate.

How can a foreigner apply to a Spanish university?

Pakistani and Indin school graduates who have decided to enroll in Spanish universities follow the following algorithm:

  • Documents are provided in March, entrance exams are held in June, and then in September, so the prospective candidate must submit a set of documents in advance, including a school certificate. Also, make sure you have a valid foreign passport, get a visa to go to Spain, and look for accommodation for a probationary period.
  • Entrance exams include work written in Spanish (with questions on Spanish history and philosophy) as well as on selected foreign language and the subject of the future major (on the choice of the future student).
  • After passing the exams, the candidate applies for admission to Spanish educational institutions based on the number of points earned in the exams.
  • In case of admission to a Spanish university, the student is issued a long-term student visa.

Indin school graduates work according to a similar algorithm. The only difference is that Indin does not need a visa for a short visit to Spain. Undergraduate subjects are compensated when transferring from CIS University to Master’s Degree (Ph.D.). At Spanish University within the framework of inter-university exchange programs.

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Entrance exams are prepared in private courses or independently. No exams are required for admission to any private university or teaching in English. It is sufficient to verify the required level of English with the language certificate and submit the certificate from the CIS school.

Study in Spain.

The undergraduate education process includes bachelor’s degrees (4 years), master’s degrees (1-2 years), and doctoral studies (also 1-2 years, in terms of discipline). The student independently compiles a list of academic subjects to obtain the required number of credits under the terms of the Bologna system.

The cost of higher education at Spanish public universities ranges from 900 to 1,300 euros per year. And private universities offer between, 6,000 to 18,000 euros per year. Some features are more expensive, for example, medical or technical education. Add to this the fact that the average level of tuition for students ranges from 600 to 2000 euros, and the exact figures depend on the region of the country.

Scholarship programs also work with foreign students. So it is possible to partially or completely cover the costs of obtaining a European degree in Spain. Providing successful study and active university activities.

where do you study

The most popular Spanish universities among foreign applicants are:

  • The Complutense University of Madrid accepts Pakistani applicants not only according to generally accepted rules. But also through student exchange programs (NUST University of Islamabad, Punjab  Universities of Lahore, etc.)
  • The University of Valencia invites students from CIS countries to pursue higher education. Through inter-university exchanges, and training is offered in English, Spanish and Valencian.
  • The Independent University of Barcelona also provides education in Catalan. And foreigners can take the entrance exam at the Spanish Embassy in their home country.
  •  The University of Salamanca has entered into agreements with educational institutions in the CIS countries for inter-university exchanges. Thousands of foreigners are also trained here in Spain’s popular general and language preparation courses.

Studying at other universities in the country follows the same pattern. While tuition and accommodation, costs vary greatly in some parts of the country.

Diploma with prospects

European education in Spain is a serious reason to get a well-paying job in the EU, USA, or Latin America. The solid knowledge and practical skills acquired will make tomorrow’s candidate a reliable and competent specialist from a post-Soviet country. I have changed to A high level.

Spanish universities have a database of job offers for graduates. So finding a job after graduation doesn’t take much time. All you need to do is issue a special work permit. It should also be noted that legal residence in Spain for 3 years is considered a valid reason to obtain a residence permit.

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