How To Choose Glasses for Working at A Computer?

Glasses for Working

In any field of activity, there are so-called occupational diseases. For office workers and freelancers, this list starts with a variety of vision problems. The reason for this is the long work at the PC. Buying glasses for a computer will solve this problem and reduce the risk of developing various ophthalmic diseases.

How does the computer affect our vision?

The myth that a computer monitor emits harmful rays, and even radiation, which will certainly make the user blind, is not true in modern technological realities. However, vision deteriorates. The fact is that the monitor, even the most modern one, makes your eyes strain. The blinking frequency decreases, and the eye dries out. In addition, prolonged exposure to screen glare (and there is always glare), the blue glow causes some degradation.

And the question immediately arises: how will computer glasses help, and will they help at all?

Computer glasses allow you to:

  1. Reduce the amount of glare from the screen.
  2. Reduce the impact of the blue glow (slightly changing the color rendering).
  3. Improve the quality of the picture due to the anti-aliasing effect.

A modern user spends the PC screen, not counting the time with a smartphone, about 8-14 hours a day. Moreover, this does not always happen in good light, often in the dark. This mode puts a very serious strain on the eyes. In some cases, after a month of such work on a PC, having received a long-awaited rest, the user notices that his vision is characterized by a very serious defocusing, which can last quite a long time. Computer glasses will not save your eyes from such overloads, but, nevertheless, they will reduce the destructive effect.

How to choose glasses and not make a mistake?

There are a lot of glasses for working at a computer, and, often, not all of them meet the stated requirements and fulfill their purpose. How are they different?

First, if you are offered glasses with special protective glasses against radiation, you are deceived. Such glasses would be useful in the era of CRT monitors, which now cannot be found even in the computer science office of a rural school in the outback.

Otherwise, such glasses are completely useless in use with modern monitors. Modern devices for eye protection are significantly different. So, for choosing the right ones, you need trusted glasses shops, where you can get the product, you really require.

How do computer goggles protect your eyes?

Protection is carried out in two ways.

  1. Ray reflection. A special coating on modern, expensive glasses reflects the rays of the blue-violet spectrum. The eyes, as a result, perceive softer tones, and the eyes are less strained, which is a positive effect.
  2. The lenses change the color of the beam. Older models of glasses have simply tinted lenses, and here there is simply a shift in the blue-violet spectrum to a warm spectrum. The efficiency of such models is much lower than that of reflective ones, plus the colors are strongly distorted, which is not convenient.

In addition, it should also be noted that protective glasses for working at a computer can be either without diopters, for normal vision, or with diopters. Models with non-diopter lenses are recommended for users who work at a PC for more than 4 hours a day.


By Zain Liaquat

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