How to Upgrade Your Home Office in Five Simple Steps

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Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. There are the benefits of having your own home comforts on hand and no rush hour commute, but your home office probably doesn’t have the same facilities you’d get if you were working on site. If you want home working to work for you, it can be worth investing in the tools to help you succeed. Upgrading your home office can increase productivity, reduce the need for unnecessary trips to your company’s base and even increase the value of your home. Here are five simple ways you can take you home office to the next level. 

Give It a Makeover

For many people, their home office is a spare bedroom or box room. People who are only working from home on an occasional basis usually find this is fine, but if you are planning to work from home for all or the majority of the time, you will want a space that fits your needs. Give your home office a makeover by painting it a neutral shade, ensuring there is good lighting and all the equipment you need to do your job to the best of your ability. 

Invest In Technology

However good you are at your job, you will need reliable technology to ensure you are at the top of your game. Good Wi-Fi connectivity and cell phone reception is vital in most fields so research to find which provider has the best reviews in your local area. It is worth investing in quality equipment that won’t let you down such as these Lenovo Desktop Workstations – if you aren’t able to complete your workload efficiently at home, your manager may request you go back to the office more frequently and you will lose the benefits of home working.

Get the Tools You Need

Often, it’s the little things that you use around the office that you don’t have access to at home that can cause problems and lead to you needing to visit your workplace. If you want to reduce unnecessary trips, ensure you have the tools you need to complete your work at home. You probably have access to a computer and phone, but if using a laminator, guillotine, binder or other office equipment is a regular part of your job, investing in these will be helpful.

Comfort is Key

Home offices often have cheaper or lower quality furniture such as chairs and desks. Reduce the likelihood of picking up work-related injuries and strains by ensuring your home office is comfortable. As well as seating that assists your posture, simple solutions such as wrist rests can keep your body free from aches and pains. 

The Life of Luxury

Treat yourself to luxury items such as a coffee maker or water cooler specifically for your home office. Having everything you need nearby will mean you are able to work more efficiently as well as giving the feel of a true office environment.

Upgrade your home office, increase your productivity and take the world by storm!

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