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5 Online Apps Tired HR Managers Should Build:

1.Recruitment Management

A core responsibility of the unit of time department, recruiting will be laborious. process dozens or many applications for one position is exhausting. you would like to facilitate chasing all those open positions and apps. Get some redemption! Request our ready-made achievement management application. Publish job openings on your website, handle listings, and put expiration dates, and additional in one mobile-responsive app.
The achievement hr software in Dubai supports a vast range of recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers — each with their username and identification — therefore you’ll get to build only one application for your entire company’s recruitment efforts. Use it “as is” or enhance it to support your organization’s specific needs.


2.Onboarding Knowledge Base:

Manual onboarding evolves into a less viable choice as your company grows. Not solely is it time-intensive, however, it additionally has the tendency to become unstable— giving unique hires variable or maybe contradicting onboarding experiences. Fix that with a worker onboarding app.
Make a content application wherever you’ll be able to host self-service coaching modules and onboarding documents. offer new hires access to the onboarding system and permit them to complete tasks on their own. Jump in exactly for issues where HR’s insight is crucial, leading to an onboarding method that’s each standardized and personalized.


3.Document Repository:

 HRMS software in UAE is liable for storing and trailing an association’s electronic documents, as well as confidential worker files. you would like a web document management app. Create this app to present your organization with the flexibility to digitally and safely store documents. Ignore tedious manual searches on completely different shared folders and obtain everything you need with only 1 fast search. Appoint directors who will monitor the uploading and sharing of files.


4.Policy Management:

Organizations have their policies and procedures, and also the dissemination of data sometimes falls underneath hour jurisdiction. A policy management application permits you to simply flow into documents to all or any employees, as well as those that work outside of the workplace — a vital capability currently that the majority of businesses are operational with a distributed remote workforce.
Instead of emailing all workers individually, produce an hour app alters} them to log into a business portal, scan the new policy, and digitally close to attest to reading it. No need to manually track every employee’s progress as a result you’ll enable the policy management application to send machine-controlled progress notifications and reports.


5.Employee Surveys:

Employee feedback creates a stronger workplace, therefore it’s vital to collect it for pursuit and analysis. And once an hour needs to live job satisfaction, value performance, or improve worker engagement, they launch surveys.
If you would like to create your worker surveys a lot of engaging, combine the standard 1-5 ratings with questionnaires. create them simple to use by permitting dropdown menus once workers ought to select from a set of choices. Most significantly, confirm they’re secure and confidential.

Top HRMS software in UAE


CorporateStack Solutions is a software development company specializing in developing digital transformation business applications covering various domains such as Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Asset Management, Project Management, Office Collaboration, and Purchasing & Inventory. CorporateStack Solutions was founded in 2016 in Dubai, UAE.


Elate HRMS is the best HR software in Dubai that eliminates driving performance and complements HR operations. Peniel Technology offers the nice HRMS Software. This software describes the organizational configuration, allocates roles and permissions, path error-unfastened payroll, controls attendance, etc. It is absolutely customizable primarily based totally on commercial enterprise desires to control your worker lifestyles cycle from onboarding to exit. Using ELATE HRMS, groups can construct custom workflows and custom bureaucracy for information series primarily based totally on their desires and additionally automate HR-related tasks which include mail indicators and initiate automated area updates to maintain the information as much as date.



Sapience HRMS is a unified HR and Payroll software program supposed to satisfy the necessities of Middle East countries, especially withinside the UAE. This software program may be custom designed and designed to automate the transaction manner and capture real-time data. Sapience HRMS and Payroll Management Software are complete of capabilities like control recruitment, HR and worker administration, payroll, time attendance, tour and price claim, overall performance control, on-boarding, and go out control manner, and worker & managerial self-carrier portal.


Oracle’s Taleo is one of the best standalone skills acquisition suites the usage of which recruiters can source, draft, and onboard people with pinnacle skills into their association. Using Taleo Organizations can construct their personal customs answers for skills acquisitions in a time and cost-powerful manner. Taleo offers competencies like advertising and marketing campaigns, and automatic postings and Organizations could make use of those to enhance their sourcing strategies. Taleo additionally has integration with LinkedIn with a view to assisting in widening the community for skills sourcing.


Gulf HR is a sturdy and effective advanced for the Middle East which may be deployed with an Arabic interface. Gulf HR is customized and made for Middle East situations and requirements. Gulf HR has an intuitive cloud-primarily based totally platform throughout the phone and web interfaces. Gulf HR helps bendy and customizable answers primarily based totally on Organization’s systems and requirements. It accommodates distinct modules like HR, Payroll, Reporting, Training & Development, Recruitment, and more.

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