Software Development Trends in 2022

Software Development Trends in 2022

The technology you hope to adopt this year may be the hottest one now, but will anyone remember it next year? As lots of new advances are being made at a lightning pace, we’re seeing trends in different technologies fade fast. In which trend will 2022 continue the trend from 2021? Several offshore software development companies are following some of the hot trends in the market...............................................................

Low Code Development

Low code development (LCD) is overtaking the conventional waterfall method of application development because the latter is a labor-intensive effort.  The industry has adopted low code development to automate many small and repetitive tasks of development, which eliminates the need for developers and technical analysts. The following are some of the best platforms for low code development according to the PC magazine report: Appian, Medix, Google App Maker, and Power Apps. Database applications, microservices, and Omni-channel platforms are among the top uses of low code development, according to the magazine.

Progressive Web applications

Progressive web applications (PWAs) are actually websites and web pages that look like native apps or conformist applications. They offer the latest and most advanced features of browser technology. In its report on software technology trends, Gartner included Progressive web applications. During the past few years, these applications gained a lot of traction and are expected to continue in the future. Google is developing browser features that will work like mobile applications in order to provide a similar user experience. Unlike conventional mobile applications, progressive web applications require less development time and maintain the same functionality. ProgressiIn order to provide easy access to a wider base of customers, progressive web applications are used by many companies such as healthcare and banking.


Small and medium-sized companies and startups acknowledge the importance of software security, despite the headlines reporting cyber-attacks on very large companies. Small and medium-sized businesses face cyberattacks 60% of the time, according to a study published by Institute.

Cyber-attacks are likely to occur at your business or brand if you use the internet and have a website. Automated vulnerable software was the most common method of attack.


We are looking forward to an exciting future for software development in the upcoming years. Is there anything to look forward to? In 2022 and most likely beyond, these are the top 3 software development trends to watch. You can also benefit from other technological advancements in the near future in addition to these. Those are the key trends you cannot miss if you run a software development company.

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