Tax Benefits: Why Should We Pay Taxes?

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The majority often considers taxes a burden because of their somewhat complicated nature. “I don’t have time” shouldn’t be an excuse when there are so many available ways to make filing your taxes more manageable than ever. These include using the best online tax service or getting help from accountants. No one likes getting their taxes done, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to do them. This article will help you understand why taxes are vital to yourself and society.

What are Taxes?

People and businesses are required to make financial contributions in the form of taxes whenever they interact with any level of government, be it the state, the county, the area, or the federal government. It might come from either active income or passive revenue, and it wouldn’t matter if the source were legal or illegitimate.
In economics, taxes are paid by whoever bears the cost of the tax, which could be the business being taxed or the people who buy the business’s goods. From an accounting perspective, there are many taxes to consider, such as sales taxes, federal and state income taxes, and payroll taxes.
Tax evasion is the criminal practice of not paying all the taxes that one must pay despite knowing or being aware of those obligations. On the contrary, tax avoidance refers to the practice of legally reducing one’s tax liability while simultaneously raising one’s after-tax income through the implementation of various strategies.

The Lifeblood Doctrine

Taxes are often referred to as the “lifeblood” of a nation’s economy because they are the primary source of revenue for governments worldwide. The lifeblood theory asserts that taxation is necessary for the operation of a government. This translates to the idea that a government cannot survive and function apart from the financial support it receives from its population. Even if there isn’t a section in the constitution that explicitly authorizes it, many states have the authority to levy contributions (also known as taxes) on their citizens.

The Basis of Taxation

Every community needs a form of government. Without it, people won’t enjoy the advantages of a civilized and orderly society. A government, however, cannot function without a financial mechanism. The notion of taxation states that funding for the government is required.
This is also known as the benefits protection theory of taxation and is closely related to the lifeblood doctrine. People receive advantages from the government through public services and provide the money needed to finance them. The basis of taxation is this reciprocity of support between the people and the government.
Every citizen and resident of the state benefits in some way or another from the services the government provides. These benefits can come in the form of free daily use of public infrastructure, access to public health or education services, protection and security of persons and property, or just the comfort of living in a civilized society maintained by the government.
Even though most public services aren’t directly received, every citizen knows they’re there. In taxation, it is clear that everyone will receive these benefits in one way or another. So, people can’t get out of paying taxes by saying they didn’t get anything in return. Taxation doesn’t depend on getting direct government help or using government services.


The effects of taxation that were talked about in this article will help you feel better the next time you have to pay your taxes. To ensure that the government has the resources necessary to fund the most crucial aspects of societal needs, we must all contribute fairly. The government’s job is to make people’s lives and well-being better. This means making tax administration better so that all people and businesses pay taxes. And making sure that tax systems are better organized and more effective at creating long-term changes for the good of the state as a whole.

By Zain Liaquat

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