Tips to organize a simple yet memorable engagement party in London, UK

Getting engaged officially?? Congratulations!! Engagement is always special for both a bride and a groom. After the proposal, engagement would be the first official celebration of your togetherness and it has to be special for you both and your close ones. Even if you want your engagement to be in a simple way, it has to be memorable, doesn’t it? If you are wondering how this guide has an answer to your question. Let’s see how

Set a date 

Usually, an engagement party is put on within a month after the proposal, but there’s no hardcore rule. You can celebrate with your close ones, according to your convenience. Ask your parents and don’t forget to ask your partner’s parents as well. Select a date based on both the family’s convenience.

Make a guestlist

Guests are as important as the party is. Guest without a party is no party at all. People usually prefer a close-knit party for their engagement, although some people also think a grand engagement party is a better option and more fulfilling. If you want to keep it simple, a simple party requires just close friends and other closed acquaintances. For jewellery, you can have a look at the Engagement rings Hatton garden.

Choose the venue

Venue selection has to be done beforehand as its availability is unsure. Decide a venue based on the type of ceremony you want.

So, select a venue based on the type of party you want. If your guest list includes both of your buddies, then go for a spacious party hall or might be an open lawn. However, there is no hard rule to limit your options to hall and lawn. Widen your options from restaurants to ballrooms, from campsites to woodland. These can be more unique choices for your party. Think of something out of the box to make it more memorable.

Send out the invitations

Send out the invites as soon as you have arranged the date and venue of the party. The early invitation will help them make a space in their calendar to attend your party.

Decide the menu

The menu is another vital aspect of an engagement party. Your budget plays an unaviodable role in selecting a menu. If you want to keep it simple, a five-course dinner is not much required. A few dishes of appetizers, the main course, and a few dessert options should play a role in your engagement party.

Talk to the vendors

After the invitations have been sent and the menu got decided, roll your sleeves up and get in action. Now is the time to take to the vendors like the catering, florists, wedding photography, the entire decor, wedding cakes, and the bridal salons that would make you look and feel divine. You might need to take quotations from more than one vendor. After talking to the vendors, when preparation is done, you and your partner can buy the engagement rings for each other. Hatton Garden Diamonds are the best option for buying engagement rings.

This is your engagement day and there are no limitations and rules. So, feel to widen your imaginations and make them happen.

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